Sunday, 13 March 2011

beginner begins her sunny post :)

hello, assalamualaikum and konnichiwa.

ok seriously,I feel a bit proud for my first blog.But a little sad cause my very own headband gone : (
oh what a sunny day and a thunder day.everytime I remember you guys I remember school .and I tought it wasn't so bad afterall.its just like a memory we feel for just 6 years.all the love&tears are memories.....
since I was in year 6,it was so hard for me to leave the school and i'd pretty sure the people who are in my age  was in this feeling too.furthermore,i'd had been thinking about something that can really explode my brain and that is sure gonna be a HOMEWORK.. =| my brain have to rest so my brain is in Hawaii(TRUST ME.HE WILL BE JUST FINE THERE)ok this is me when I had no brain warm-up since saturday.  : 0

my conscience always talking to me like "Dude ,everybody 143 you.nobody will gonna 143 you"ok something like that....oh nobody will gonna LOVE this blog without FANS. So,I advise you go to the FOLLOW button at the home of this blog and you are the next best friend EVER in this world for me if you are my friends. THANKS <3 1437.

bye,assalamualaikum and sayoonara.