Monday, 14 March 2011

hi,assalamualaikum and konnichiwa.

it is third day i been at my hometown at Ipoh,Perak.And i have a happy moment here even it was so short.not that short just like 3days 2nights.but i'm still happy with will be a memories that lies in my brain sim card.oh yes,about my brain.He's back.i'm so happy with it.i usually play something outdoor like badminton,football,or anything make me sweat at my grandma's house but this time i play indoorgame.i played computers that my cousins bought,and you know what i played,i played a game that calls 'RUNESCAPE' .this is not the first time i played the game,i played it thousand times without any obstacle.but now the moment i want to play the game,there are a war between me and my drive me crazy.the moment my brother back to his school,that when i can say"VICTORY".= )so, this is just what i can say and i was about to go back to my house so anybody who wants to play runescape can just go and keep tracking me for hot story and gossip.  

bye,assalamualaikum and sayoonara