Saturday, 26 March 2011

How mad am I ?

People says I'm too obsess with a person.why not?because the person always sits next to me.actually the person came first and I came after the person.and everybody says I'm in 'something' with the person.besides,I can really says it's real.could you believe it!I'm not a pervert or something like that but what the point they saying things like this.I'm just a kid and kids can't say something like that.I hope the readers can forgive me for writing like this and you don't even know what's the point im writing like's a problem for me.way too big problem for me.some says we like each other.some says we hate each other and some says we already in 'something'for secret.I'm sure you readers hate when you wanna be friends with somebody but untrusted by your friends that you two are not just friends and more than that.I think the best ways is to avoid from the person.but you know,it's too difficult for pupils to change their life and behavior,like me.but the good things are I'm close with the person now.and that's what are the goods from my friends behavior.thats why every pupils have their own goods and friendship:FRIENDS & everybody,love is not too bad but for kids its kinda bad and kinda not.

P/s:for u guys 'something' is in love or couple